Angel Beside Me Episode 4 Sub Indo

Angel Beside Me (2020)

Angel Beside Me (2020)

เทวดา ท่า จะ รัก / Angel Beside Me 12Eps | 70menit | ONGOING | Thailand

Lin adalah gadis miskin yang hampir bunuh diri ketika tiba-tiba diganggu oleh tabrakan keras melalui langit-langit kamarnya. Malaikat yang dikenal sebagai Michael Lansaladon jatuh dari surga setelah mengamati usaha bunuh diri Lin. Sebagai malaikat yang diberkati di surga, ia memahami perasaan manusia. Perasaan seperti rasa, kegembiraan, kelelahan, kemarahan, rasa sakit, dan cinta.

Angel Beside Me (เทวดา ท่า จะ รัก) is the latest Thailand series 2020 which tells the story of an angel descending to earth to save a girl who wants to commit suicide because of the problems of life she lives. Different from the Korean drama "Angel's Last Mission: Love", this drama is precisely the background of a funny romantic comedy and you must watch.

Lin is a poor girl who is on the verge of suicide when suddenly been interrupted by a loud crash through the ceiling of her room. An angel known as Michael Lansaladon fell from heaven after observing Lin’s attempt suicide. As a blessed angel in heaven, he understood human’s feelings. Feelings such as taste, excitement, fatigue, anger, pain, and love.

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